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Project Description
This is set of libraries that allow you to handle distributed logging. This is aimed at applications that are installed on multiple machines and instead of having a central log server(that may slow down the application due to network latency), a local log is created. A synchronization process then unifies these logs into a central SQL database.

Local database is SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition, the library is in VB and the central database is SQL Server 2005

The basic idea for this was due to the need of applications that may be distributed over multiple computers, but you do not want to use a central server/web service based logging infrastructure due to performance issues. Distrilog logs to a local database so there is no network latency, but then it also synchronizes with a central database so that you can have a unified view of all the log information. Can be used for windows application or load balanced web applications.

Release of version 1.0 debug build(DistriLog Version 1.0 (Debug Binary)) is available. Not much documentation as of now, though you would find enough comments in the source.

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